Waiting for the parcel to arrive…

I get really impatient. Thank god I don’t have a tracking number for this parcel or I’d be checking it ten times every hour.

I hate this part. I keep going back and checking what I bought, knowing that it hasn’t changed, or I keep making sure I have the days right and that it should be here on Friday,  knowing it’s not going to come any sooner. And with luck like mine, it probably wont come till the middle of next week.

I get really impatient waiting for parcels. It’s ridiculous. I’m a grown woman and I still get the buzz that Christmas use to give me, and waiting for the mail man to arrive.

I can’t wait to get my hands on my first ever Filofax! To finally plan out the sections and know exactly where everything is going to go and what pages to print off. To go shopping for pens and a pencil case and finally find out where to buy washi tape, a page puncher, and clips.

Friday morning I’ll wake up all giddy and practically sitting at the door waiting for the letter box to knock. Just for the post man not to arrive and having to wait till Monday for it to happen again.

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