Friday The 13th

This is totally unlike me. I’m usually up and about busying myself.

I couldn’t move from my bed today, I woke up about 8-ish- my usual time- and then fell back asleep. I’ve been sitting on the bed in the master bedroom for hours now and I still feel drained and not wanting to do anything. It’s 6pm at night.

I’m going to get a takeaway for dinner with a few pals, but then I have to go shopping.

Do you ever get those days where you really want to be something? I’m having one of those days. I would literally kill someone for an acting career or a publishing contract right now. Neither are happening. So, now I’m in the dilemma of, do I keep sending my manuscript off? or do I start on a  new one? I only sent it to five people, only one got back in touch.

I would also kill for any job, just to get my life moving again. I sent off to a major Irish bookstore a few days ago, but I haven’t heard anything. I hate being ignored, it’s becoming a big part of my life at the moment.

Well, what did I expect. Something glorious to happen?! It’s Friday the 13th after all.

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