First Day with a Filofax

I think I’ve fallen in love with it, and I just love writing in it, I haven’t written properly in years.

I love that you don’t have to turn on anything to see what’s on it and it doesn’t have to be synced with anything.

It’s already gotten a discoloration, which is weird. Checked the photo that I put up at 3pm today, there’s nothing. But now there’s a light mark on the front. I didn’t think the leather would change so quick. Don’t get me wrong, I love leather and aged beaten leather I just adore and cannot wait for my filofax to age and become unique, but I just wanted to hold onto the perfect newness a bit longer than a few hours. 

I will eventually go up to an A5 size for my diary, it’s too cramped in personal-size,  but until I get the money up I’ll just stick to the calendar and sticky notes for now. 

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