My first Filofax! 

It came this morning!!! My first ever Filofax. 

Above is what I got from my first haul at the shops. Two black Flex Grip Ultra Paper Mate pens and an array of Paper Mate Inkjoy pens. 

Accessories came to less than €10. 

I was going to go for the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen but my dad was shaking his head and I wasn’t in the mood to fight over the prices. So I left without them, but I’ll get them later on. 

I’m not going crazy yet with the accesories, as im just getting started. I want to use the Filofax as more of a diary (you know, thoughts on the day and whatnot), but I need to use the pages I have already. For now, I’m just going to put everything into it and see how it goes. 

Filofaxers, have any tips for a newby? 

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  1. The Frixon pens are really useful. (Check out this set: It’s a bit pricey, but you get a lot for the money. I’m sorely tempted).
    I’d also recommend sticky notes, because then you can put recurring things on them and just move them ahead a week each time, and some cheap stickers to mark things up. I’ve got hearts on important events in mine.

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