I’m hooked on Planners

I didn’t even know how much I missed the smell of leather, and just writing with a pen is just amazing! I’m on the lookout for planner number 2. I know exactly what I want, but it’s a weird shaped planner.

Ever seen the journal from the show Supernatural? I don’t want that planner, but I just want it the same size as that planner- not too big or not too small. It’s just perfect for diary entries which I want to use it for, and I want the old vintage look to it, whether it ages amazingly or it comes already old, I don’t care. And I want big rings, so I don’t run out of space.

That’s not too much to ask, right? Well, finding that size planner has turned out to be near impossible. So, I emailed a company that makes journals to whatever your needs may be. I gave them the list of what I want, such as what type leather, what size rings, what type latch and pockets etc etc and I’m waiting to hear back from them. It’s going to be about €200 – €250, but what I have in my head is just perfect and I wont ever need another planner. This planner would be my life-long companion, and I’d still be jotting away in it when I’m grey and old.  I just need to save the money up first.

If you guys know of any planners that fit those specs, please let me know.

Yes… I have completely gone planner-crazy. 

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