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Rejection #2, Writing and Healthy Living.

Finally got another rejection yesterday. It didn’t even phase me, it was the same ‘she wasn’t looking for the type of material’ and not to get discouraged. But I honestly numb about the whole thing now. Whether it does get published or not, I’ll just keep sending it off till someone says that they want to read more.

Writing has come to a standstill. I haven’t even started on Camp Nanowrimo, not a sodden word. That’s how bad it’s gotten. Writing just isn’t in the forefront of my life right now, my days are spent still looking for jobs, going to interviews. Planning meals and exercising to get skinny for this wedding. I’ve started taking protein shakes as a lunch and after my nighttime walk- that is how serious this weight loss has gotten with me.

People keep telling me ‘i don’t need to lose weight’. I know this. Right now I’m ‘curvy’ but I want to feel like I can wear anything and look good. I want to feel healthy and I want to look my best. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I just want to start feeling good in myself, and that means getting down to 10 stone, so I’m losing the weight and nobody is going to stop me. I want to keep this healthy life up for good, it’s just a nice feeling to eat good food and sweat it twice a day. I don’t need to takeaways and crappy frozen or eating twice the amount I should.

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