Personal Writing

Fitness Update. 

So, I fell off the wagon yesterday due to it being Easter and all, but the chocolate is already gone and I’ve already been on a walk today and I haven’t had a single bad thing today. My dad decided to jump on the health buzz as well. We’re having a competition with one another. Whoever loses the biggest amount of body weight from their starting weight [tonight] by the end of the month gets a new pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans [but he’ll be buying them]. So, even if I don’t win, I only lose out on a pair of jeans.

Writing Update.

The book I was focusing on for April is just not working out. So, I’m going to change my focus back onto my series and write 30k on book two, and if I complete my daily word goal I’ll allow myself to go back onto the book that I’m stuck on.

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