I’m not doing this for you.

You don’t need to lose weight

These are the exact words that came from my aunt a few months back. They really bothered me. Here’s my reply.

I’m not losing weight for you to begin with so all outside opinions I don’t care about. Either from guys or just people in general, I don’t give a crap.

I wear clothes that flatter my figure and I have expensive jeans that happen to shape my hips and butt to make me look smaller.

The minute I take all my clothes off and I’m staring at my naked self in the mirror, I hate it all. I hate the stomach, I hate the ‘love handles’, I hate the chunky legs.

The chunky legs that never see the light of day because I never wear anything short outside the house, no skirts, dresses or shorts. NOTHING. It’s really upsetting because I want to be able to wear cute dresses and heels. The reason? I have this massive vein on my right leg that goes across my calf, does a little zig-zaggy dance at my knee, all of it sticking out. I hate it.

This is the reason I’m losing weight. [I’m calling it a lifestyle change.]

I’m doing it so I can be the best version of myself I can possible be.

I’m doing it so my little award to myself is to lose that horrible vein with an operation when I reach my target goal and stay there for a month.

I’m doing it because I want to look in the mirror and see the person I am- Stubborn and determined and not taking second-best.

I’m doing it to prove to everyone not to second guess me and not to get in my way.

I want to look good in a bikini. That going to the swimming pool is no longer a race to get into the water so less people will see me.

These are the reasons I’m changing my lifestyle.

I’ve been on it for a week now. Walking twice a day, taking a protein shake for breakfast, porridge for lunch and a meal with protein for dinner, and cutting out all sugar. I feel great. I have so much energy now that I was awake at 3am thinking last night, and I don’t even feel the side-effects. Still managed to get up for my morning walk at 7am.

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