Dental appointment

I need to make  a dentist appointment tomorrow and I’m scared out of my wits about it.

I havent been to the dentist since before I started college, so a good 5 years. The reason being that I’m extremely paranoid about my teeth.

I had to be on medication when I was a toddler that rotted my baby teeth, and weren’t suppose to damage my grown-up teeth, but they did an all my molars have fillings. The only ting going for my teeth is that they’re straight.

If I’m told that I need a tooth taken out or a filling I’m going to end up crying on the dentist’s chair.

My mam and brother only brush morning and night, don’t use mouthwash and only take a few seconds to scrub around.

I brush for a good five minutes morning and night and after every-single sugary thing I eat during the day, I also use a mouthwash twice a day.

And I’m the one that has to go to the dentist with a bad tooth.

I’m starting to panic

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