Where’s your favourite writing spot?

I’m trying to figure out a new writing spot for myself. The majority of my writing is done sitting on my bed, which isn’t good for my posture.

I have a desk, but I need a new chair because my bum goes numb from the one I have now, and it’s slightly too low for the desk.

So writers, what’s your favourite spot to write?

0 thoughts on “Where’s your favourite writing spot?”

  1. I know it is a cliché but there is some intangible relationship between afflatus and coffee-shops; the only problem is I can’t afford to spend up ten pounds on two coffees.

    1. I know! I tried it a few times, but I couldn’t keep it up. Way too expensive, and when I don’t buy coffee for twenty minutes I get paranoid that the workers are staring at me. But it is a great way to get more inspired and not to feel so disconnected from the world while writing.

  2. Wherever the mood to write strikes!

    But lately, I’ve been trying to get it to strike more often by always sitting at my desk in a proper chair, with a mug of coffee next to me.

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