Editing is the Devil.

Most people presume that writing and coming up with stuff is harder than editing, because it seems like the lesser of two evils. You have all the details there, just have to write them correctly, no more grabbing hold of inspiration, just sitting down and editing the words already on the screen.

Oh how wrong they are.

I hate editing, it’s like pulling teeth, and I have gotten three headaches over it now… I’m only on the first chapter.

You sit there staring at one sentence that just doesn’t sit right, and you don’t know whether to delete it or make it fit in…somewhere. 

You’ve read that one paragraph over a hundred times, and on the 101st time, you notice that you’re missing a word or you’ve spelt ‘beard’ as ‘bird’ but didn’t actually catch that mistake all the other times because you know it off by heart and weren’t paying attention to what was actually on the screen.

Then the worst part…the hate. You hate your work so much, how could you write such a disaster? How could you think this was publishable?! OMG! Get a new hobby ASAP!!!

And with your heart heavy, and that headache threatening to come back to life, you shut off your precious manuscript not knowing what to do next and feeling like you’ve wasted all that time on this disaster you just can’t seem to get through. You take a breather, probably for a few hours, just to go through the the whole process- one painful sentence at a time.

Oh, yes. Editing is the devil.

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