Supernatural 10.21 ‘Dark Dynasty’


Rating: ★★★★

I really enjoyed this episode. It’s probably my fave from the series, because everything is finally slipping into place [even though we don’t want it to]. It’s starting to all make sense.

Sam is yet again on the wrong side of Dean with his last decision. Sparking Dean’s hatred and anger aimed straight at his little brother. It now is so easy for Dean to just…snap, and combined with the mark; the faith of Cain and Abel can so easily be played out again.

Dean is pissed when he finds out Sam has been lying to him, and everything that happens is on Sam’s shoulders now. The scene where Sam is sitting at the table and Dean is leering over him was perfect. Sam retreated back to the little brother, terrified to say anything or to move, while Dean towers over him and demands answers like a pissed off parent to their kid. The little chubby twelve-year-old could easily have been sitting in that chair- the way he avoids his brother’s eye contact, doesn’t answer and remains quiet in the hopes it will all blow over. Then when the phone rings and Sam sits there, not wanting to answer it. Every child’s worst nightmare.

One character that DID NOT make any sense in this episode was Castiel. How does the angel who started a biblical war, went to purgatory and hell, and is basically the second-coming of Lucifer [he just got away with it for loving humans] not know what to do with two women? Then act like an imbosile when he has to face them? Sorry, I’m not buying.

They’ve turned Cas into a weak and pathetic character, the audience may think it’s ‘cute’ when he fumbles to lie to Dean on the phone, but please, Cas deceived both Sam and Dean, killed hundreds of angels and demons and you expect me to buy that this pathetic lump is the same kick-ass angel?

I didn’t see the ending coming… wow. I sat there frozen for a good minute, sure that my brain had deceived me. Both Sam’s and Dean’s reactions were just heart breaking. Why does Dean always say their name? It’s just so sad, that when his brain is scrambling to think of something, he still holds onto hope that by saying their name they might answer… poor baby.

Now, Dean is going to go on culling spree like Cain did in this season and he’ll blame Sam for Charlie, and something most likely will happen to Cas [if he dies he’ll, give Dean back the First Blade, because where did Cas hide the Angel Tablet? hmm hmm *nods head*].

This is by far my favourite episode of season 10

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