I want to go on a road trip.

My bestie text me this morning with ‘I want to travel’, just that on a text then throughout the day it has turned into a road trip, putting the whole notion into my head.

We just need money, and a car.

It would be an experience, we probably go for two-to-three weeks, so we can take our time.

We live in Ireland, so you can do a round-trip of the whole island in about 2-3 days. I did it once for a weekend when I was 12 or so, but I don’t remember much of it.

I would love to do it with her, to get lost, to argue when we get a puncture and not knowing what to do. To stumble across old Irish pubs in the middle of nowhere [I always remember them from my last trip] and to meet the locals and make friends and listen to their stories and dancing before driving off again.

It will happen….one day.

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