Dress shopping? Just kill me.

I went dress shopping yesterday for the day after my sister’s wedding. There’s a BBQ, and I wanted to get a dress because I don’t wear dresses and it’s an excuse to wear one.

Oh… I know now why I don’t wear them.

I tried on at least 20 in 3 hours over nearly 10 shops. They ranged in price from €20 – €200. Some designer, some not.

Not a single one suited me. I felt horrible afterwards, I thought I was okay with my weight, but now I want to lose more weight. I’m a size 10 [US 8] in a dress, and I’m not exactly lumpy, but I do have hips and a larger-than-average chest [34FF]. As I drove home from, I honestly hated being a woman.

I want to be girly, and wear bright clothes, show off my stomach and get pretty dresses the fit me, but this is why I avoid shopping as much as possible and wear baggy and dark clothes. I hate my body, and I hate my body more than ever now.

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