Sorry about abandoning you guys.

I’m sorry for abandoning my blog recently, but nothing exciting his happening. But I am getting back into reading and buying physical book!! I know!! Actual bookstores still exists!! It’s AMAZING! [please note the sarcasm].

I went to look for the book ‘Angelfall‘ by Susan Ee, but the store didn’t have it, and instead of walking out without spending the money I don’t actually have, I asked the woman to order it for me….Sarah, you just couldn’t leave it, could you?… I spotted the book a few years back and wanted to get it, but I just didn’t. I will be gutted if it turns out to not live up to this excitement I’ve built around it. So, waiting for the bookstore to get back in touch to say they have it in for me.

Then in other news, my big sis is coming home from Australia on Friday for her wedding!! And I’m so excited to see her!! But I know most likely I’ll end up killing her by the second day. We’re getting our dress fittings and the Hen’s Party are both on the day after she comes home…yea, she’s going to be dead or rolled into a ball in a corner somewhere….fun!

I’ve spent the weekend doing the front and back garden of the house for her, and I’m still behind on the money for the cake. I’m also going to a talk on Thursday for a job in Amsterdam, so fingers crossed that something will come out of that.

ps. I’m sorry if my blog is a bit of a mess right now, I’m trying to sort it out and putting my second blog in with this one. Just so I have everything in one spot.

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