Books over Ebooks

I hate Ebooks.

So, I have a book waiting to be picked up in the bookstore today, and only yesterday [after years of wanting said book] I found it sitting in my ibooks.

Now, Ebooks are great for reviewing, and for books you want to read that don’t come in a hard format. But it stops being a book. It’s a little dot on a screen.

I end up being so busy with making notes that I can’t enjoy the story. Then, after only an hour of reading, my eyes start hurting because I’ve been staring at a screen.

I have only ever read 1 ebook fully, which was the one I showed you guys last week. It’s also the only ebook I ever paid for. The rest I never got into and just forgot they existed. It would be better if what you have on your kindle, phone, or iPad actually matched up to what your Kindle had on your computer, but it doesn’t and it turns into a game of trying to track the files down…files…not a book

The only advantages they have are…

  1. You can read in the dark.
  2. The books are usually cheaper.

But, it stops there.

They will never have more of a presence than the book sitting on my shelves. Ones that I can go back to, after years of reading them, to flick through their yellowing pages, and see the story that once capitvated me waiting to be let loose again.

You cannot get that with an ebook- you’ll probably have to go and track down your second last computer, one that still runs windows xp, then try and locate the file to send to your now computer….see? it turns into a game of technology.

I’m not frowning on people who like ebooks. You read whichever way you possibly can. It’s simple and convenient, which I do admire about them. You can get a brand new book in seconds with a few clicks, and you don’t have to leave you house. How much more convenient can you get?

But, for when I’m being serious about reading, and not just browsing, it’ll will always be hard books.

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