Clearer in The Night by Rebecca Croteau

ClearerInNight-TourBannerRating: DNF

Okay, this book had the premise of being a great story, and I really reaclearerinthenight-croteau-ebooklly tried to get through it. I really tried my best to give it a shot and to shake off initial thoughts on, but I just couldn’t.

I ended at 28% on the ebook that was given to me. I would have ended a lot sooner, but I really wanted the story to warm to me, but it didn’t.

Maybe you’re the type of reader who doesn’t need a lot of detail, or can overlook weird phrasing, but a lot of what I read didn’t sit well with me. It was like there was too much of ‘trying’ to sound smart, but it just ended up like a hot mess of a crap. One prime example would be:

“From galaxies away, two hands caught mine and clenched them tight.” – this was only to describe that he took her hands. What was the point of even writing ‘from galaxies away’?

One really big no-no at the start was she described clothing as ‘things’ – not a top and trousers, but just ‘things’. I just…how is the reader supposed to imagine it?

As a reader, I would like to be able to see the whole picture and to be able to see it in my mind, and I didn’t get it with this story. You may be completely opposite to me, but that’s the way I roll.

One positive that I do want to say- of what I read anyway- was that you got to know the main character’s backstory from the very start, somewhere in the second paragraph you find out about her and that made me sit up and take note. I really thought that his book had potential and it does have a lot of potential.

The writing just didn’t hit the spot and the storyline wasn’t really tight enough for me to keep reading [At nearly 30% I had to look up the premise again to remember what the book was about]. I’m not saying not to give this story a miss, but if you’re a lot patient than me and your love a bit of mystery, than give Clearer in The Night a look.

Cait’s used to being an outsider. The odd girl out, the one with the alcoholic mother. The one whose sister and father died. The one who might just have telepathy. These things she could manage, could hide just enough to get by. Now a werewolf’s bite forced her outside the whole human race.

Two men — the one night hook-up who shows up at her hospital bed, and the rescuer worker who may be following her — seem to know more about her condition than she doe … and about this strange world of magic she’s pulled into. As Cait plunges into this darker reality, painful secrets of her past are churned up and she’s forced to confront her new identity. Torn between the between the sweet and too-hot-to- be-true Eli and possessive, darkly sensual Wes, Cait must decide whom to trust and which side to choose… before it’s too late.

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Rebecca, Ree to her friends, lives with her family in the wilds of New England. She is owned by two cats, and enjoys discovering the various ways that one can enjoy string. She is fueled by coffee, and strong autumn breezes.

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