Sis is home in T-minus 4 hours.

I’m so excited to see her sexy face! And to hear all the gossip.

Most likely we’ll already be arguing in the car on the way home or have a deep conversation as she can read me like an open book. I can’t keep anything secret from her, even when I don’t want to talk, and I’ve been having a rough two days when it comes to family.

She text me saying she hasn’t slept on the flight, so instead of running around and seeing everyone today, she may be just crashing. I wouldn’t blame her, with her hen’s party tomorrow, she needs to catch at least a few zzzs or she’s going to die before the night has even begun.

It’s just turned 8am now, been up for the three hours as I’m too excited to sleep. I know the excitement is going to be short lived, because the second I see her it’s ‘oh you’re home, cool’, and everything will return back to normal, like she has never been away, and we’ll argue over everything and give out to one another like we usually do…sisterly love for you!

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