Getting back onto Facebook.

I honestly don’t know what I’m doing. I haven’t used this site since…2012? And even back then it was sparingly.

First things first, I deleted my old account. It was just filled with people I was “friends” with and would casually ignore while walking down the street. I didn’t want them to have the privilege of going onto my page and thinking I haven’t done anything for the last three-odd years. Well, I have been doing stuff, but you know the people who go in-and-out of profiles to see what everyone is up to- to find out who’s failing at life and where’s everyone in the world. Yea, those people.

So, I started afresh. I don’t know if I’ve connected my wordpress, instagram and tumblr up to it properly. It’s basically just another page for people to find me. So, if you found me through Facebook say hello! I would love to know who!!

I also have a question for my wordpress peeps! What’s better? A profile or a page?

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