My Journal

Journal 5

I never showed you guys pictures of my journal. This is my pride and joy. I don’t write in it as much as I should [was hoping every-other-day, but three-days a week is good right now

This is where you open it up. That colourful page? That was written in school when I was about 14 about getting a diary, and it took me until now to finally find one that I like.

It has three separate pockets on the front cover, a pend loop and  clip board at the back. It took me forever to find, but I finally found me 3-ring binder.

Journal 4

The bits and bobs you see popping out? A baby pic of my twin brother, a rosette from seven-years of horse riding, a photo of my three friend and I at Tang-Soo-Doo, and then my belt certificate and the dates I got each of my belts.

Next is the big thing that I need to guard with my life…

[which i cannot post up….]

It’s a poem about my grandmother and my family is obsessed over, I was thinking about writing a book about her, but never got to it. But in the short-lived process, I got this poem.

Next is my most prized possession and was shocked when I still had it…my very first novel I wrote when I was 12. During the process of writing this novel, I got completely hooked on writing. Did I know it was going turn into my one big passions in and land me in the path of Journalism and writing? Nope, not a clue.

Journal 2

Last. but not least, is a photo of me and my two friends while we went through the awkward teenage years. Where you’re not a kid, but not an adult either. Here we were our annual Christmas event of going to the pictures.

Journal 1

Now, I need to find more stuff to make it more mine, and I need to make it a daily habit to write in it, but for now I love it and I cannot wait to see it age and look more vintage.

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