Passion – the epiphany of life.

I was out on my morning walk this morning, watching the sky turn from a dark pink to a lovely peach as the sun came up.

Every single day, I try my best to get the most of it. Such as:

See the people I want to see
Make all appointments for the morning time to get them over with.
Exercise first thing, so anything after is a bonus.
Cut down on procrastinating.

I have everything down to a a fine ‘t’ BUT the last one. Procasinating, the bane of my excsistance.

While I was walking, it just came to me.

To find out what your passion is, so early on in life. Is a miraculous gift that only a very few people ever figure out on time.

So, for all the artists, musicians, dancers, athletes, business people…just grab the day by the balls because just think…there’s someone – probably right beside you- who just lives life, they may be the most amazing person and you may love them and they may be the best person ever. But may still not have something that you already have.


You are one of the lucky few who’s figured out what your life means, it doesn’t matter if you never make money from it or you never do it professionally.
It doesn’t matter if you find it late in life or early.

If it’s something that you look forward to every-single-day
If it’s something that makes your heart sing and makes all the shitty episodes seem silly…

You’ve already made it in my books.

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