Nanowrimo – Tips on Achieving 1,667 words.


Plan your week. Know when and how you’re going to write. What day’s you absolutely cant and block out hours that is solely focused on writing.

Sit down and list out the scenes that you need to write and allocate a specific number of words to each scene. By doing this when you’re stuck you can look at the list and pick one that takes your fancy and aim for the words that you have down for. Getting you out of the block.

Write first thing

If you’re really struggling and life commitments are just dragging you away from novel writing. Get up an hour early, an hour where nothing can distract you. This is better than late at night, as you won’t be groggy and it’ll set you on a right-footing for the rest of the day.

Don’t Stress

This is easier said than done. But DO NOT stress when you get behind. Sit down, figure out what your WPH is and then jump into word sprints when you get the time. You’ll be back in form in no time. Stressing doesn’t help you or your novel.

Go Easy

Go easy on yourself. You taken all these steps and really can’t put the words down…relax.Get away from the novel for a bit, go outside or to the gym and sweat your frustrations out. When you get back, you’ll be relaxed and the words will come so much more easily.

Don’t Break The Flow

Whenever you get in the flow of writing a scene, DO NOT break the flow. Don’t even get up to get a coffee. Next thing you know two days have passed and you haven’t touched your work since standing up to get that coffee. Keep at it till it’s done. No excuses. If you have to leave, smash the keyboard till it’s written before you got to go.

NO Procrastinating

Like most writers. I’m the queen procrastinating. I always wonder how much more work I could’ve done if I stopped putting it off till ‘tonight’ or ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next hour’. STOP. Don’t, iv you’re at the computer WRITE. DO NOT browse the social media to see what’s happening and DON’T pop into the Nanworimo forums for a little peak at what everyone else is up to. Only allow yourself these small luxuries when you’ve completed your word goal for the day.

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