Phobias – They Control a Person

  1. Claustrophobia
  2. Coulrophobia
  3. Trypophobia

26 years old and i cried to my dad,

I went to Nightmare Realm in Dublin.

It was good, got my screaming a few times…until the inevitable happened.

A clown.

And at 26 years old. I burst into tears. I still feel betrayed by myself.

I’m the type of person who would throw a punch before asking questions.

Okay, maybe it was the heightened senses, that I knew what I was in for, the type of people I went in that I ended up wanting to enjoy it and that I knew I could punch the motherfuckers if I wanted to.

I got through it all as usual, running screaming…but not like scared shitless that I’m sweating.

That didn’t happen till we were nearly done…thank god.

I wasn’t expecting it, probably the reason behind the reaction I had. I was enjoying it screaming and yelling along with all the silly scares and frights of the attractions.

Then I turned a corner.

A clown. Not just an oridinary clown [which is bad enough] but a sinister one. This is the one thing that has annoyed me since. I’m a very ‘do not screw with me I’ll break your nose’ type of person. This clown popped up. I cant even tell you what he looked like, all I know he had ruffles around his neck and probably red hair but a sinister smile.

I fucking cried. Not only did I cry…but I ran to my dad and burried my face into him while sobbing my heart out.

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