The Rejections and The Ignores.

I’m still a bit miffed by the whole literary rejection world. I always wanted rejections that tell me exactly what is wrong with my manuscript so that I could pin them on my wall and marvel at them. It’s not like that.

Every.Single.One I’ve gotten back so far are on the same lines as ‘keep sending it, it just wasn’t for me, someone will pick it up’ …that’s it, that is all I’ve gotten so far out of 7 rejections [two of which came in January].

Then I got the other list…the ignores…I know they’re in their right to ignore and not waste time on a manuscript that they don’t like…but how long does it take to send an email, really? Top 5 minutes. This list has 5, and I hate them because it’s like…did you see it? Should I send a follow up? Should I forget about you? You’re left in this weird little limbo that sits around for a few weeks and then just fades and only then can you start submitting again.

So in total: 12…i am up to 12 rejections.

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